Cedar County Great Places Vision Plan

Academic Year 
Urban & Regional Planning

As part of their capstone project, second-year graduate students from the University of Iowa’s School of Urban & Regional Planning will create a Vision Plan to support Cedar County's efforts to earn Great Places designation through the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs.

Concurrent with the development of the Cedar County Comprehensive Plan, students will develop a Cedar County visioning docuemnt to support an application for Iowa Great Places designation, a competitive program administered by the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs. 

A Vision Plan is the central component of the application and will include a holistic visioning effort with measurable goals and identifiable objectives that exemplify bold thought and innovation, and will foster a sense of identity by cultivating the unique and authentic qualities of Cedar County in order to have a transformative impact on community vitality and quality of life.

Projects identified through the visioning process could be related to the following categories mentioned in the Iowa Great Places program guidelines: Arts and Culture; Historic Fabric; Architecture; Natural Environment; Housing Options; Amenities: Entrepreneurial Incentives for Business Development; and Diversity. The plan should include an implementation process with a clear timeline for accomplishment.  Students will identify multiple and diverse partners to identify and enhance theplan objectives. The Vision Plan will also include qualitative and quantitative measures for analyzing and achieving goals and the implementation of objectives.