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If you are a current University of Iowa faculty or staff member interested in incorporating an engaged learning project into your course, please email us to discuss your interests and ideas. Our projects are developed through close cooperation between our staff, community partners, and faculty and staff members. We currently work with courses offered in the fall and spring semesters. At this time, we do not partner with summer session courses.

What We Offer

We strive to offer services that reduce the workload of including an engaged project in courses. We also compensate faculty for the time and effort they commit to the project. The IISC is committed to working flexibly to accommodate many different courses and teaching styles into our initiative, and will work with each faculty and staff member to determine how best to assist with each course. In general, the services offered by the IISC include:

  • Facilitating project development between faculty and staff and community partners to ensure that projects meet both community and educational goals.
  • Presenting to students about the IISC partnerships and project(s) in the classroom.
  • Maintaining communication with faculty, staff, and students throughout the project, including responding in a timely manner to questions or concerns and participating in ongoing conversations about project development throughout the project.
  • Coordinating virtual and/or in-person meetings and presentations between students and community partners as needed throughout the project. When virtual meetings are required, the IISC will provide the campus space and technology. When in-person meetings are required, the IISC will arrange all necessary travel.
  • Funding project expenses (including supplies, travel, printing, etc.) and reimbursing any expenses that faculty, staff, or students incur in relation to the project.
  • Promoting student work, faculty and staff success, and community events related to the projects through publications, social media, and website presence.

Affiliated Faculty and Staff

Jerry Anthony

Jerry Anthony

Associate Professor, School of Urban & Regional Planning
Dr. Anthony's major areas of research interest are: a) housing and community development issues - in particular federal, state and local housing policies and the development of affordable housing; b) growth management, where he is concerned about the benefits and costs of growth management policies...
Wei Bao

Wei Bao

Assistant Professor, College of Public Health
Micah Bateman

Micah Bateman

Lecturer, School of Library and Information Science

David Bennett

Professor and Department Chair, Geographical & Sustainability Sciences

Art Bettis

Professor, Earth & Environmental Sciences

Shelly Campo

Associate Professor, College of Public Health
Charles Connerly

Charles Connerly

Professor and Director, School of Urban & Regional Planning
Chuck Connerly joined the University of Iowa School of Urban and Regional Planning in 2008 as professor and director, and founded the Iowa Initiative for Sustainable Communities in 2009. His research has been published in top journals, including the Journal of the American Planning Association, the...