The University of Iowa


Communities, University of Iowa students, faculty, and staff currently working with us will find resources and documents related to successful project management.

For Communities

Building sustainable communities requires a collaborative spirit and desire to partner with a diverse array of community actors, including local governments, non-profit organizations, local businesses, and educational institutions. At the IISC, we believe these partnerships are the heart of this work.  This link will include the RFP to partner with IISC during the open application period, as well as useful resources to hep Iowa communities achieve sustainability goals.  

For Students

We help students achieve academic and professional success by offering project management, professional development, and administrative resources. The following links offer guides to working with the IISC and the tools you will need to complete successful projects.

For Faculty & Staff

We strive to increase the number of faculty and staff that work with us and to offer services and opportunities that make engagement projects a positive experience for both new and experienced faculty.