Bondurant - Collecting Oral Histories

A community is built on its history and work needs to be done to maintain the stories and objects related to its past. As Bondurant grows and evolves, there is a desire to retain and safe-keep the history of those who have deep roots to the area and its traditions.

Students in the class "Museums, Folklife and Community Curation" will collect oral histories from Bondurant residents about community life in the city, with a focus on two specific parts of community culture. The first is the role of the Farmers' Cooperative grain silos, which sit in the middle of town, in everyday life. Students will ask questions about how the silos served as both an occupational and community space for connection. The second is about the Bondurant Summerfest, an annual event soon celebrating its 75th anniversary, and its meaning and role in the city's community culture. 

Students in the course are learning about the importance of studying and presenting everyday life in communities as a way to build connections, strengthen community identity and reflect on the past, present and future. For their final project, each student will complete an oral history with a member of the Bondurant community around one of the two above topics.



A carnival ride with grain siloes in the background
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