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IISC is a campus-wide effort at the University of Iowa to enhance the capacity of rural and urban communities in Iowa to address the environmental, equity, economic, and cultural issues they face today and plan for a sustainable future.  IISC is an integral cog in the university’s mission of community engagement and service to the state of Iowa.

Building sustainable communities requires a collaborative spirit and desire to partner with a diverse array of community actors, including local governments, non-profit organizations, local businesses, and educational institutions. At IISC, we believe these partnerships are the heart of this work.

Communities interested in becoming the IISC partner can contact IISC director Travis Kraus (

The Iowa Initiative for Sustainable Communities is driven by a commitment to reciprocal partnerships with Iowa communities. It is strongly encouraged that communities interested in learning more about or partnering with the IISC contact IISC staff. We are happy to discuss the program, projects that have been completed throughout the state, and our experiences working on sustainability in Iowa's communities. We also have past community partners that are happy to discuss their partnerships with the IISC and their own efforts to improve sustainability in their community.