Bondurant - Oral Histories of Summerfest and the Farmers Cooperative

Students in a the class Museums, Folklife and Community Curation" interviewed residents about Bondurant's history and also its current culture, focusing on Summerfest and Farmers Cooperative. 

A community is built on its history and as Bondurant grows, there is a need to retain memories, objects, and information about its past. In particular, city leaders have a desire to retain and the history of those who have deep roots to the area and its traditions. Students in a museum studies class interviewed residents about Bondurant's history and its current culture. They focused on two mainstays of Bondurant's civic life:  Summerfest, an annual event put on by the Bondurant Men's Club, and the Farmers Cooperative, which was centered around the grain silos located in the middle of Bondurant. 

The students worked in pairs and trios to interview community members. They created summaries of the interviews, highlighting quotes and information they found especially interesting or useful. Their work can provide an excellent foundation for a future history of either of the two organizations, and can also be threaded into future work of the Bondurant Historical Society.

Group of men in a conference room
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