Bondurant - Parks and Recreation Mural

A mural depicting Iowa birds was added to the side of Bondurant's Emergency Services building. Located at the Bondurant Regional Trailhead, the building is the future home of the city's Parks and Recreation Facility. 

Created by Drew Etienne (MFA, University of Iowa), the mural encapsulates the beauty of Iowa's natural landscape across all four seasons. The artist statement conveys the inspiration for the design: 

The design takes advantage of the four separate sections of panels to highlight nature in Iowa through the autumn, winter, spring, and summer, and helps create a harmony between the built and natural environments. Birds native to Iowa are the focus, including the redstart, the blue jay - as a nod to the Bondurant Farrar blue jays, the ruby-throated hummingbird, and the Iowa state bird, the goldfinch. The seasonal motif and ties to Iowa’s natural environment will serve the space well now and in the future when the building houses the parks & recreation offices.

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mural depicting birds
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