Winneshiek County Public Art

Students from the School of Art & Art history developed two public art pieces. The first project emblematizes the Decorah eagles in a sculpture that celebrates the natural assets of Winneshiek County. The second playfully acknowledges the mythical gnome-like “nisse” of Norwegian culture through several small ceramic doors and windows that will be displayed in local parks for the mischievous “nisse” to use.

Decorah and Winneshiek County evoke a strong sense of community character, which stems from their commitments to the rich environmental and cultural histories of the area. To embed an appreciation for and awareness of the county’s strong natural assets and Norwegian cultural history into the community landscape, Winneshiek County Conservation and the Trout Run Trail Art Board requested that students design two public art pieces that reflect these themes.

Ceramic art pieces were completed for the nisse project for installment in Winneshiek County Parks; and a design and installation plan for an eagle sculpture for use in long-term installation in Winneshiek Cunty.

Academic year