Coordinate Early Literacy Resources in Support of Grade-level Reading Success

Academic Year 
School of Library and Information Science
Project Partner 

The Sioux City Public Library (SCPL) is developing community partnerships to support early childhood literacy. Students in the School of Library and Information Science partnered with Sioux City Public Library Director Betsy Thompson to identify potential community partners who have a stake in early childhood literacy. This group is diverse, including members of HUD, Blue Zones, and others. By helping community groups interested in childhood literacy find and communicate with each other, the library will facilitate conversations among those interested in the positive long-term outcomes associated with gains in this measure of educational achievement. Project deliverables will include a literature review that includes material on peer library projects around the nation that might offer best practices and models for the work of interest to SCPL, a spreadsheet containing a comprehensive list of local and regional entities interested in the subject of early childhood literacy, and a formal presentation of the information.