LED Streetlight Conversion

Academic Year 
College of Engineering
Project Partner 


Greenhouse gas and energy reduction are identified as two major goals for 2015 in The City of Iowa City’s 2014 Sustainability Report. The City is currently pursuing several initiatives to achieve these goals, including an agreement with MidAmerican Energy to convert all of Iowa City’s streetlights into LED fixtures. The LED fixtures are expected to last 25 times longer and operate 75 percent more efficiently than incandescent bulbs. A student from the College of Engineering assisted the City with the streetlight conversion process during the Fall 2015 semester. This student worked closely with the IISC and the City of Iowa City’s Sustainability Coordinator to calculate the energy and money savings that will result from the conversion of incandescent bulbs into LED fixtures. This work is a significant aspect of the streetlight conversion process, and will be essential to the continued success of the project.


The final deliverable of this project is a report that documents the calculation process and professionally displays the results.