Nic Hartmann

Assistant Professor

Dr. Nic Hartmann is Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology at University of Iowa, where he has taught Museum Studies courses since 2022. A folklorist by training, Dr. Hartmann has worked as a public arts professional for over 15 years, including work in Kentucky, Indiana, Arizona, Iowa, and the Canadian province of Newfoundland. His scholarly interests are based on public practice in museums and communities, particularly in the areas of folklife education, fundraising for cultural organizations, and museum-school collaborations. Other research interests include Nordic/Baltic culture and comic art as an ethnographic tool. He received both a B.A. in anthropology/folklore and a certificate in Central Eurasian Studies from Indiana University, an M.A. in folk studies from Western Kentucky University, and a Ph.D. in folklore from Memorial University of Newfoundland.