Bondurant - Parks and Recreation Master Plan

The City of Bondurant seeks a new Parks & Recreation Master Plan that provides comprehensive vision for the local park system, recreation facilities, natural resources, and other public open spaces. The most recent plan was completed in 2013, and Bondurant’s 2022 Comprehensive Plan provides a strong foundation for updating the Master Plan. The Plan will identify strategies to enhance, expand, and protect features that support active lifestyles, equitable access, and a healthy community.

According to a report issued by the American Association for Leisure and Recreation, a community parks and recreation master plan is “a document that provides an inclusive framework for orderly and consistent planning; acquisition; development; and administration of the parks and recreation resources, programs, and facilities of the agency that sponsors the master plan.” Because Bondurant is a rapidly growing community, the plan should include policies and frameworks for aligning parks and recreation services to accommodate the growing population. This is an opportunity to support health initiatives and preserve and expand spaces for pollinators and other sustainability projects. 

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