Dubuque - Affordable Housing Action Plan

Dubuque has been working to improve access to affordable housing and is poised for the next step in its process. In recent years, it has had several different kinds of housingassessments completed. It has incentivized homeowner rehabilitation and has passed incentives for developers to create nearly 800 new units. It’s also created more infill by removing dilapidated buildings. Despite considerable action in this area, Dubuque faces challenges. As one of the oldest cities in Iowa, many state-mandated codes don’t represent the realities of many of its aged buildings. Its terrain is challenging for development. Focused on making home ownership available to a more diverse range of its population, the city is also committed to addressing issues of social equity.

Areas of focus may include 1) how zoning and ordinances changes (e.g. ADUs, consolidating zoning classifications) can increase supply; 2) how to mitigate energy-cost burden to decrease overall housing costs; 3) how to streamline new development (e.g. preapproved architectural designs); 4) addressing disparity in homeownership across populations, esp. along racial lines; 5) strategies to increase the supply of affordable market rate housing and income qualified housing; ensuring that strategies also address climate action goals.

This Action Plan brings together diverse affordable housing-related needs and goals into a single action-oriented document. The Action Plan will move the community beyond broad goals toward feasible and focused actions over the next 5 years.  Action plans typically prioritize action steps, identify responsible parties, provide specific timelines, and identify resources for implementation. 

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