Dubuque - Residents' Guide to Sustainability (Telegraph Herald Newspaper Insert)

Students in a class in Journalism and Mass Communications develop a Telegraph Newspaper insert that serves as a guide for Dubuque citizens to better understand their city's services and opportunities related to sustainability. 

Capstone journalism classes taught by Zack Kucharski (executive editor, The Gazette in Cedar Rapids), Jason Brummond (publisher of The Daily Iowan), and Alex Scott (an assistant professor at the University of Iowa) focused on the city of Dubuque’s sustainability efforts. The classes met with city officials and community leaders to learn about Dubuque, and produced stories and photos contained in this magazine edition. Iowa Initiative for Sustainable Communities (IISC) brings University of Iowa students to communities across the state to collaborate with local leaders on real-world projects.

The students created the content and layout of the insert, which was published by the Telegraph Herald on June 6, 2024.  The focus will be on helping Dubuque residents become more aware of local resources to make sustainable lifestyle decisions. The publication, entitled Green Horizons: Pioneering Sustainability in Dubuque, features numerous articles and photographs created by the University of Iowa students. 

Direct link: https://dubuquetelegraphherald-ia.newsmemory.com/?special=Green+Horizons 

Please also visit the project page for the photojournalism project: https://iisc.uiowa.edu/projects/dubuque-photojournalism-sustainability 

Green Horizons insert cover page
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