Evaluation and Development iGreenCR Program

The iGreenCR program was developed in late 2011 as a coordinated strategy to promote and brand Cedar Rapids’ sustainability efforts under one program rather than separate departmental initiatives. Students conducted research to evaluate community awareness and willingness to embrace sustainability, as well as their current level of awareness of iGreenCR. A sustainability plan was then developed for each of the iGreenCR elements and connected these plans to Cedar Rapids’ five guiding sustainability principles adopted in January 2012, while working with representatives of each element to set goals and metrics to measure success.

Guiding Principles of Sustainability for the City of Cedar Rapids:

  1. Community – Building a community that embraces its diversity and history
  2. Growth – Advancing opportunities for businesses, individuals and the community as a whole to thrive
  3. Environmental Stewardship – Promoting economic and social growth while restoring the relationship between the city and its natural environment
  4. Affordability – Creating a city that is affordable and accessible to all members of the community
  5. Innovation – Serving as a leader in creative, successful strategies to lead the progression towards a sustainable future
iGreen CR
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