Mapping Clinton's Municipal Districts in GIS

IISC staff used GIS to convert legal descriptions in the City of Clinton code into GIS shapefiles to aid city staff and developers. 

City of Clinton staff requested GIS shapefiles that map boundaries of certain municipal districts (mainly urban renewal and urban revitalization districts) as described as text-based legal descriptions in the city code.  Visual maps, which are much more accessible and easier to understand, were not previously available to the general public or developers, putting the burden on staff to have to understand and explain the locations.

IISC staff assisted on this project as part of the year-long partnership with Clinton, creating shapefiles for 23 municipal districts. City and County officials will verify accuracy and make adjustments as necessary and ultimately add the districts to the online and publicly accessible Clinton County Property Map.

A colorful map with the text GIS on top of it.
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