The University of Iowa

Mason City Transit Study and Marketing

Academic Year 
Business: Management & Entrepreneurship
Project Partner 

In a report to the City of Mason City, students in the Entrepreneurial Management Institute: Business Consulting class conducted market research and provided recommendations to attract new riders for the City’s public transit system. 

By appealing to new target groups and individual riders of the metropolitan public transit system, Mason City officials hope to enhance the quality of life in the community, promote sustainability, and encourage workforce mobility and access to more entrepreneurialism and small business.

Students conducted research and made recommendation on the identification of new target markets, specifically customer demographics and location; and, effective marketing strategies and channels to reach those markets. The student team also conducted a competitive/best practices analysis of transit system in cities across the US of similar size and demographics in order to identify successful marketing strategies and tactics. Finally, the student made recommendations on marketing strategies to promote Mason City Transit.