Bondurant Public Works Facility

Bondurant is currently developing a Civic Campus area that will include new municipal buildings. One of these is a a new public works facility. The current building housing this area of city government is being transitioned into the central parks and recreation building.

As part of their Senior Design Capstone Course, students in Civil and Environmental Engineering will create designs for this facility. Located on a 7.91-acre site, the structure will be 58,000 to 64,000 square-feet. The new Bondurant Emergency Services building (which is currently being designed by OPN Architects) will provide inspiration for the aesthetics of the students' design.

The project requires the programming of the building's interior spaces, selection of building materials, structural design of the building, meeting the client’s aesthetics goals, creation of a 3D model, and rendering of the final design. The team will also provide a phasing plan and cost estimates.


3D building model
Academic year