Clinton Sawmill Museum Amphitheater Engineering & Design

As part of their Senior Design Capstone course, Civil & Environmental Engineering students created designs for an outdoor Amphitheater in Clinton, Iowa.

The Sawmill Museum in Clinton Iowa has requested a design proposal for an outdoor amphitheater with an accompanying stage and pavilion. The four blocks to the north and northwest of the museum are available for construction of the project. Additionally, a second UI engineering project team has designed an Event Center on the Museum's property. 

The facility will accommodate both large and small-scale events. Larger events, such as the Lumberjack Festival and the Canadian Pacific Railway Holiday Train, draw in thousands. Smaller events, both public and private, draw crowds of 100 people or less. The amphitheater will be a new venue capable of hosting a wide array of events, helping to boost the local economy through tourism. When not hosting events, the facility will be a friendly and inviting space, attracting the local residents to spend more time in the area. Features will be added to make the area an excellent place for outdoor gatherings and entertaining.

The amphitheater will be located two blocks north of the museum, in the southwest corner of the lot. This location has an orientation and shape that would best make use of the circular design of an amphitheater, maximizing the square footage while still keeping the audience close to the stage. The structure will be orientated so that the center of the amphitheater faces towards the railroad, allowing a clear line of sight to the railroad.

Final deliverables from the engineering project team include design renderings, an engineering report, and cost estimates for the project.