Dubuque - Alternative Transportation Action Plan

As part of its ambitious sustainability plans, Dubuque seeks to reduce vehicle dependency and vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and create/promote accessible and equitable transportation alternatives. For their capstone project, graduate students in Planning will complete an Action Plan that brings together diverse transportation-related needs and goals into a single document. The Action Plan will move the community beyond broad goals toward feasible and focused actions over the next 5 years.  Action plans typically prioritize action steps, identify responsible parties, provide specific timelines, and identify resources for implementation. 

Dubuque’s original proposal to IISC included several transportation and mobility projects, including: addressing micro-mobility (e.g. through an e-bike share); implementing Safe Routes to School plans; increasing education and awareness around walkability and bikeability as part of the city’s Complete Streets; and making short distances more accessible with a “10-minute walks” campaign. This project will touch on all of these areas as the team researches, analyzes, and recommends next steps toward making transportation accessible, sustainable, and equitable.

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