Iowa City- Envisioning Iowa City for Year 2228

As a part of the 8 Generational Plan: Envisioning Cities course taught in the School of Urban and Regional Planning, a group of 10 UI students will present their long-term visions for Iowa City as America’s Next Great Regenerative City. This collaborative innovation tournament is the culmination of a new course titled “Eight Generational Planning: Envisioning Cities for Year 2228.” The team of judges, led by Iowa City Mayor Throgmorton, includes local elected officials, planners, researchers, and architects. 

This course is another UI first: the world’s first undergraduate course on regenerative city planning. The City issued the first Regenerative City Proclamation in 2016. The students responded to this challenge: Design a great distant-future Iowa City that is regenerative, resilient and equitable.  In other words, plan for hope! This involves re-imagining the Iowa City layout, streetscapes, buildings, transportation and food systems, social governance and human interactions, the place of nature in the city and the role of artificial intelligence.

Iowa City, Iowa
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