Maquoketa Art Experience Marketing

Students from the School of Journalism & Mass Communication created a strategic marketing plan to attract artists and art enthusiasts to the Maquoketa Art Experience, a non-profit organization with a physical community space in downtown Maquoketa.

Maquoketa Art Experience (MAE) is a non-profit organization established in 2008 and located in downtown Maquoketa, Iowa. MAE is dedicated to arts education, fostering the arts and building community by engaging the residents of Maquoketa and surrounding areas in diverse creative activities. Their mission is “to develop and cultivate an expanding interest in art within Jackson County residents and visitors to our community by supporting lifelong learning, sustaining our cultural heritage, and appreciating the arts in our everyday lives.” Students utilized MAE’s current brand to develop a marketing package to increase awareness, patronage and support of MAE and its programs. Students considered the various audiences, demand for services, and other factors to help MAE attract the most patrons and participants.