Maquoketa Arts Non-Profits - Organizational Collaboration and Management

Students in the Tippie College of Business course Non-Profit Organizational Effectiveness developed frameworks for interagency collaboration and strategic planning for local arts organizations in Maquoketa, Iowa.

Maquoketa is emerging as a regional arts hub driven largely by the Maquoketa Art Experience, Ohnward Fine Arts Center, and the nationally/internationally renowned artists that call Maquoketa home. A strong and active arts community enhances the quality of life for residents and draws in visitors.  Local artists and community leaders hope to build on existing opportunities and create a strong network between local art organizations. 

Three key components were identified for this project:

  • Help local organizations bring the community together in meaningful ways through programming, festivals, and events.
  • Increase the sustainability and organizational capacity of local arts organizations and venues
  • Identify opportunities to expand public art

Two groups of undergraduate and graduate students worked collaboratively with stakeholders to advance these goals.  The two focus areas were:

  1. Interagency Collaboration among Maquoketa Arts Organizations – The first group of students explored ways for collaboration between the Maquoketa Art Experience, Onhward Fine Art Center, and other organizations in order to elevate the overall arts scene in Maquoketa.  The students provided recommendations for strengthening the broader arts community in Maquoketa based on interviews with key stakeholder and conducting supplemental research. The recommendations included creating a strong social media presence and establishing a formal organizational structure for the arts organizations to collaborate and share ideas. 
  2. Framework for Future Strategic Planning – A second group of students established a strategic planning framework for Maquoketa arts organizations to advance organizational collaboration within the arts community. The project includes resources and foundational knowledge to prepare and engage participants in the strategic planning process and related conversations. The framework was created in hopes of being broadly applicable so any arts organization in Maquoketa could utilize, establish, and implement a strategic plan.
Photo- Maquoketa Arts Non-Profit
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