Maquoketa Welcoming Newcomers Policy Study

Students enrolled in the School of Planning and Public Affairs Public Policy and Persuasion course worked with Maquoketa leaders to develop a set of proposed policy initiatives for welcoming newcomers to the Maquoketa community.  

Discussions with Maquoketa leaders revealed that those who have recently moved to the community, as well as residents who derive from unique cultural backgrounds, have, and continue to present feelings of isolation from their fellow community members. As Maquoketa continues to welcome people to their town, local leaders requested assistance in finding solutions that will foster a welcoming environment for newcomers.  

For this project students interviewed Maquoketa community leaders to develop an understanding of current challenges and conducted independent research to best inform their proposal of best practices, policy recommendations, and next steps for welcoming newcomers into the Maquoketa community.  

Photo- Maquoketa Welcoming Newcomers
Academic year