Scotch Grove Park and Trail System

The community of Scotch Grove, IA, seeks a design for a connected non-motorized transportation system and city park. Students in a Senior Capstone course in Civil and Environmental Engineering will provide evaluation and design for a regional trail and trailhead that will connect Scotch Grove with surrounding points of interest, such as Camp Courageous, Picture Rock Park, and the Cities of Anamosa and Monticello. This connectivity will occur via road rights-of-way and green fields.

Students will evaluate previously developed routes and obtain and refine elevation data, stream, and road crossings, sensitive land areas, and property ownership. Horizontal and vertical alignments, trail assemblies, corridor models, cut and fill volumes, material volumes, signage, pavement markings, cross-section drawings, and plan and profile drawings will be developed.

Their final designs will include a trailhead structure and 3-D rendering of selected trail sections and the trailhead.

A flat trail with two walkers and trees on either side.
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