The University of Iowa

Maquoketa Volunteerism Policy Study

Increasing Volunteerism in Maquoketa
Academic Year 
Planning & Public Affairs
Project Partner 

Students enrolled in the School of Planning and Public Affairs Public Policy and Persuasion course worked with Maquoketa leaders to develop a set of proposed policy solutions for increasing civic volunteerism across all demographics in Maquoketa.  

Maquoketa is currently experiencing low rates of civic volunteerism, which leaves many of their boards and commissions under capacity. Attracting a diverse range of community members to serve on boards and commissions is a main priority for the City of Maquoketa. Currently, many board seats remain unfilled and underrepresented, with the same group of volunteers continuing to serve on either multiple boards at once or cycling through available commission seats.  

Working with community leaders, students conducted research and developed a final report and presentation highlighting best practices, policy recommendations, and next steps for increasing civic volunteerism in Maquoketa.