In 2022-23, IISC has a full partnership with Clinton. University of Iowa classes will work on more than 20 projects, including histories and profiles of noted Clintonians, past and present; a housing needs assessment; a masterplan for use of a current undeveloped swath of land; and more. The city presented IISC with a rich array of potential projects and has strong leadership to help guide the process. IISC first collaborated with Clinton through the regional partnership with East Central Intergovernmental Association (ECIA). 

The projects span different departments and colleges. During the summer, UI School of Art and Art History visiting faculty Ali Hval completed a mural called "Keeping You Sewing." All year, a group of students from the School of Planning and Public Affairs are creating a development plan for Clinton's "Liberty Square," a vacant, grassy plat of land between Liberty and Camanche avenues. Students in Tippie's Marketing program are developing new branding materials for the city. Throughout the year, graduate students from the School of Library and Information Science will help to tell the story of Clinton's important role in the Underground Railroad. 

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Policies and Strategies for Youth Drug Deterrence

Public Affairs graduate students from the School of Planning and Public Affairs will help identify and develop policies and strategies aimed at deterring drug and alcohol use among youth in Clinton. 


Reigniting the Mayor’s Youth Commission in Clinton

After a hiatus, the City of Clinton has restarted the Mayor's Youth Commission.  The Mayor’s Youth Commission was established to be composed of students between the grades of 7th grade and the 1st year of college who reside within the city limits of Clinton.  The commission is be an advisory body to the City Council making recommendations to the City Council on matters that are of interest to the youth of the community.  Students in the course Public Policy and Persuasion will assist in the organization and relaunching of the program, with a focus on exploring best practices from similar co


Riverfront Festival Area Engineering and Design

A new initiative in Clinton will soon bring a large annual musical festival to the Clinton's riverfront area, bringing large amounts of people and traffic to the ara.  This new event spurred conversations about how to best improve the area to accommodate new uses and year round enjoyment of the space.  As part of their Senior Design Capstone Course, Civil & Environmental Engineering students will work with the Clinton Parks & Recreation department to identify and desin site improvements, such as stormwater managment, parkin, new structures, and more.  


Stormwater Utility Engineering Study

The City owns and maintains an extensive network of streets, all of which contain drainage structures connecting to storm sewers, combined sewers, and natural drainage systems. Maintenance and improvement of these facilities include significant capital project expenditures in order to comply with the City’s Long-Term Control Plan (LTCP) to reduce stormwater pollution and comply with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Clean Water Act (CWA).


Telling the Story of Clinton's Underground Railroad History

The Clinton area's important role in helping free slaves through the Underground Railroad is not widely known, even among local residents.  Several local historians have collected records about the Underground Railroad in Clinton, but hope to uncover new information and make this important local history widely available and easily accessible. 


Trail Connectivity and Design

Over the last few years the city of Clinton has made strides to create a more bikeable and bike friendly community. As the focus changes to communities that are healthier, more bike friendly, and more sustainable dedicated bike paths and a connected network increase the quality of life and make the community safer. Through steps such as creating a Trails Advisory Committee, focusing on complete streets designs and making a conscious effort to expand our connectivity the city has made trails and our bike network a focal point for improvement.