Boone County Pedestrian Bridge Engineering & Design

As part of the Senior Design Capstone Course, Civil & Environmental Engineering students provided evaluation, design, and cost estimates of the superstructure and substructure for a single span pedestrian bridge that connects campground A to campground B in the Don Williams Recreation Area in Boone County.

University of Iowa civil & environmental engineering students designed a new pedestrian bridge to replace the existing one that connects campgrounds A and B at the Don Williams Recreational Area in Ogden, IA. The new bridge will be constructed in the same location as the existing bridge. The bridge has been designed with a ten foot width to allow not only for pedestrians, but also bicycles and commercial lawn mowers to use it as well. The width is sufficient for foot traffic, bikes, UTV’s, and commercial lawn mowers. Pedestrians will continue to save time when traveling between campgrounds A and B via the new bridge. Additionally, lawn mowers, landscaping crews, maintenance workers, or park staff using UTV’s, will save time when crossing the new bridge.