Development of a Nonprofit Group for Winneshiek County Conservation Board

Students created a marketing plan that presents research conducted on the blufflands than Winneshiek County aims to protect. This marketing plan details not only the research but also provides recommendations for developing and promoting a new friends group for protecting these lands.

Winneshiek County is committed to protecting blufflands. The County has developed a zooming ordinance that restricts development on or near these landforms, and the Winneshiek Comprehensive Plan also emphasizes the need to protect and sustain their associated natural and cultural assets. However, it is difficult to identify and map blufflands, and as a result the implementation of the protective measures in place are restricted by lack of complete knowledge about the extent and distribution of these features throughout the county.

Winneshiek County conservation requested a study that compares the needs, missions, audiences, and work of this future group to those of existing Friends Groups within the county to determine how multiple nonprofits can work together, what work is being done, and what needs are currently unmet. They also sought assistance with the development of goals, best practices, and process steps for the creation of a new nonprofit supporting WCCB.

Academic year