Dubuque - Bicycle and Scooter Share Program Analysis

The City of Dubuque is exploring the idea of an electric bike and/or scooter share program. The city wants residents and visitors to have access to transportation options that are easy to access and affordable for short distances where walking may be an issue or a car is unnecessary. A leader in sustainability, Dubuque is interested in the use of these forms of micro-mobility as alternatives to cars.

The city hired an agency to conduct a mobility study. It now needs to gauge the feasibility of the idea, trends of using electric bikes and scooters to get around, cost to implement a program, pros and cons of the program, and the opinions of potential users.

Students on the Tippie College of Business' Marketing Consulting Team will undertake extensive market research into other cities--in Iowa and beyond--that have implemented similar programs. They will look at possible program management structures, as well as liabilities and ways to address these. They will study costs involved in implementing and maintaining such a bike/scooter share program. And they will differentiate the needs of residents and visitors; and potential marketing for such a program.



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