Dubuque E-Bike and Scooter Program Market Analysis

Students in a Tippie College of Business marketing consulting course conducted a market analysis and environmental scan to help the City of Dubuque explore the possibility of an e-bike or scooter sharing program. 

The City of Dubuque wants to diversity its transportation system and provide more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective options to residents and visitors. A leader in sustainability, Dubuque wanted to learn more about these forms of micro-mobility as alternatives to cars.

Students on the Tippie College of Business' Marketing Consulting Team identified the pros and cons of an electric bike and/or scooter share program. To help understand demand, they created a survey that went to Dubuque residents and workers at a large employer. They received 126 responses. They also reviewed case studies from comparable communities. 

They concluded that while such programs have definite benefits, starting a program in Dubuque without adequate biking infrastructure or evidence of strong demand may not warrant the investment at this time. the students provide some broad recommendations to support this possibility in the future, as well as alternatives that may also help Dubuque accomplish their micro-mobility goals. 

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