Dubuque - JFK Road Analysis and Redesign

For their capstone design project in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, a team of students analyzed the JFK corridor from Carter Rd to Highway 20 and created designs to improve its safety and accessibility

With an emphasis on pedestrian safety, they analyzed data, including vehicle and pedestrian counts, traffic signal timing plans, and road geometry, will inform comprehensive assessments of current and future conditions. The team conducted a comprehensive analysis of traffic conditions and projections for various intersections, focusing on Pennsylvania Ave and JFK Rd, as well as Wacker Dr and JFK Rd. They made 5-, 10-, and 15- year projects with their collected data, considering for various suggested improvements. 

Their final plans provide comprehensive enhancements to bolster pedestrian safety and optimize traffic flow. Their findings underscore the importance of considering both operational and geometric changes to ensure smooth traffic flow within acceptable parameters as Dubuque's population grows over the next two decades