Dubuque - JFK Road Safety Redesign

As Dubuque seeks to make its streets more accessible to bikers and pedestrians, it is especially interested in ways to make several major thoroughfares safer. One of these is JFK Road, a major north-south arterial road. For their capstone design project in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, a team of students will create a plan to encourage pedestrian use and potentially create a new bicycle lane. Their plan will include pedestrian management and traffic flow management.

The team will evaluate the transportation corridor to determine the existing service levels for motorized and non-motorized travel, focusing on pedestrians. The project requires obtaining existing vehicle and pedestrian counts, geometry of the roadway, and traffic signal timing. Students will provide phasing plans and cost estimates, as well as the state of the existing and future conditions using the Highway Capacity Software and Synchro. They will propose both operational and geometric improvements, creation of a corridor simulation model, and rendering of the final design.