Grow Clinton Regional Marketing Strategy

Grow Clinton was established following the March 31, 2022 merger of the Clinton Regional Development Corporation (CRDC) and the Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce (CACC). The mission of Grow Clinton is to promote business growth, build community, and advocate for the sustainable economic success of the Greater Clinton, IA region.

Over the past few years, Clinton embarked on transforming itself from a rural town to a sustainable, self-contained community that offers all the conveniences of “city living” without the headaches. 

As it continues to transform itself, it needs to create a dynamic marketing communication plan that gives people a reason to visit, attracts businesses to the area, and retain residents (especially younger workers). 

In the past, the city has tried numerous marketing campaigns with mixed results. Furthermore, there is no consistent messaging and branding across city departments which has resulted in disjointed, confusing messaging for both residents, non-residents, and businesses.

New restaurants, services, neighborhoods, and improved public spaces present an opportunity to capitalize on recent positive momentum in Clinton. While the city had a small population decrease between 2020 vs. 2010 Census, it has managed to thwart massive population declines other Iowa towns are experiencing. Finally, the city recognizes it may have a negative perception with non-residents. This  has not deterred residents and city leaders from their goal of growing Clinton.

Marketing Institute students will work with local officials to develop a fresh, bold marketing communication plan to attract new residents, visitors, and businesses to the area.  

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