Maquoketa Gender Equity Policy Study

Students enrolled in the School of Planning and Public Affairs Public Policy and Persuasion course worked with Maquoketa leaders to develop a set of proposed policy solutions to balance the gender distribution of individuals in public positions.  

Gender inequity is an issue that spans every state and community in the nation. On a national level, women make up 51% of the population and are still underrepresented in every level of government from local school boards to Congress. Currently in Maquoketa there are 146 public positions on councils and boards. Thirty-three of those seats are held by women, which represents just 23 percent.  

Working with community leaders, students conducted research and developed a final report and presentation highlighting best practices, policy recommendations, and next steps for balancing the gender distribution of positions in Maquoketa’s local government.  

Gender Equity in Maquoketa
Academic year