Treynor Pedestrian Infrastructure

As part of the Senior Design Capstone Course, Civil & Environmental Engineering students provided designs of pedestrian infrastructure and sidewalk connectivity for the city of Treynor, Iowa. The students also considered a redesign of the main street crossing. The students provided the city with plans for safe pedestrian crossing while maintaining farm vehicle access.

The Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 (KKAD25) organization educates motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists to practice behaviors that that keep us all safe on and along roadways.  Community leaders in Treynor formed a local chapter of KKAD25 in response to a lack of safe walkways for young people in their community. The organization has made great strides in their efforts by working with numerous external partners, including the National Park Service, Trees Forever, Iowa State University, the Iowa DOT, and the University of Iowa. 

University of Iowa Civil & Environmental Engineering students have helped by providing designs and engineering at strategic locations in Treynor.  The primary focus of the project was the Highway 92 and L55/Eyberg corridors that pass through the city. Students considered design alternatives in regards to traffic circulation, traffic calming, parking and cost estimates. In addition, pedestrian circulation along and across each corridor and pedestrian connections into the adjacent neighborhoods was included for planning and design. Evaluation of these corridors included traffic flow, pedestrian circulation and pedestrian safety at all levels of vehicle/pedestrian interaction.