Webster City - Finding Grants for All Cultures Equal

Students in the course Non-Profit Organizational Effectiveness worked with representatives of All Cultures Equal to find external grants that could meet the organization's funding priorities. 

All Cultures Equal (ACE) is a Webster City based non-profit organization focused on bringing together and empowering diverse cultures in the community.  ACE provides a wide range of services, such as ESL programming, Immigration assistance, community meetings and events, translation services, and more.

A group of students, relying on technology for online collaboration, learned about ACE's overall mission and vision.  They further consulted with ACE representatives to identify key funding priorities that served as the basis for their grant searches.  Using a the online program GrantStation, the students conducted searched and culled through innumerable funding possibilities to produce a final list of grants well-suited for the specific needs of the their partnering non-profit organization.