Webster City White Fox Creek Bridge Engineering & Design

As part of the Senior Design Capstone Course, Civil & Environmental Engineering students provided designs and costs estimates for a pedestrian bridge spanning the White Fox Creek in Kendall Young Park within Webster City.

Kendall Young Park is located in the north of the city. Webster City is home to the Boone River which meanders along the east side of the city. White Fox Creek, which runs through almost all of Kendall Young Park, feeds into the Boone River a few miles down from the spill way. The project consisted of developing a river crossing structure meant to facilitate vehicle and pedestrian traffic to the North Side of the park. The crossing structure was designed along with a parking lot and a path from the parking lot to the bridge.

The City of Webster City requested designs for a bridge to cross White Fox Creek and a parking lot within the park. The bridge provides access to the North Side of the park where a lodge is located and inaccessible by vehicle. The bridge was designed for the suggested location and the parking lot location was chosen to minimize environmental impact and to maximize the number of stalls in the lot. Components of the final design of the development of Kendall Young Park include the bridge, the abutments, the parking lot, a bio-infiltration swale, the access road, the abutment armoring, and the vehicle gate to limit access to the bridge.