Salix Comprehensive Plan

Academic Year 
School of Urban & Regional Planning
Project Partner 


Small communities in Woodbury County are experiencing increased development pressure due to the growth of industry and urbanization. In particular, the last few years has seen CF Industries, a nitrogen fertilizer complex in unincorporated Woodbury County (Port Neal industrial area), undergo a $2.1 billion expansion that has been the single largest private investment in Iowa history. To enable them to benefit from this growth, small communities in Woodbury County need comprehensive plans that include Smart Growth principles for the effective management of growth impacts on housing, infrastructure, schools, parks and public spaces, and other community amenities.

To address these needs, students in the School of Urban & Regional Planning developed a model comprehensive plan for the City of Salix that incorporates Smart Growth principles. Salix is a small city on the fringe of urban development in Woodbury County, and as such is an ideal case study for the challenges and opportunities that other communities in the county may soon face.


Aplan presenting research and recommendations; a presentation; and a poster.