The University of Iowa

Jasper County Red Bridge Relocation

Jasper County, Iowa
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Civil & Environmental Engineering
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As part of the Senior Design Capstone Course, Civil & Environmental Engineering students provided the needed substructure, approaches, and cost estimates for relocation of the historic Red Bridge from one location in Jasper County to another. 

The University of Iowa students were given the task of preparing the site location within Quarry Springs Park for the relocated Red Bridge. Along with the site prep, the team from the University of Iowa also designed abutments for the relocated Red Bridge, calculated cut and fill quantities for the Quarry Springs pedestrian trail system, designed a sidewalk extension for State Highway 117, designed a trail route from the Red Bridge to the downtown district, provided restoration designs for the relocated Red Bridge, and compiled a cost estimation.

The Red Bridge holds significant historical significance to the community of Colfax and many others within Jasper County. The Red Bridge is the last Warren Truss structure in the county. Other Warren Truss structures in Jasper County were either disassembled or damaged beyond repair due to the elements of Iowa’s weather. It was imperative that the Red Bridge be relocated and restored before the structure was damaged beyond repair.