Bondurant - Chichaqua Valley Trailhead and Trail Improvements

For their capstone project in Civil and Environmental Engineering, a team of students devised a way to connect two sections of the popular Chichaqua Valley Trail, and developed engineering designs and cost estimates to help the City of Bondurant implement the project.  

As a growing community, Bondurant is eager to develop recreation opportunities for local residents, while also providing enticing reasons to visit the area. The Chichaqua Valley Trail spans 26 miles and is popular year round with outdoor enthusiasts. The City sought ways to improve the sections that run through Bondurant by offering more parking and additional services, such as food trucks and recreational courts, and an arboretum that includes a variety of native trees was another. The student team was also tasked with making the trail system safer by adding a new bridge to replace one that has deteriorated. 

The project team's design will create a more direct path for bikers and pedestrians. The design also includes a new bridge to replace an existing railroad bridge that has deteriorated and is no longer safe. Additionally, the team designed a food truck plaza, arboretum, and parking.