Bondurant - GIS Mapping and Analysis Projects

As part of the ICIGO student organization within the Department of Geographical and Sustainability Sciences, students provided GIS mapping and analysis support for the City of Bondurant on five topics: a digitized stream buffer, mapping the community's tree canopy, mapping rental properties, spatial analysis of assessed property valuation, and a sidewalk inventory. 

  1. Stream Buffer - Bondurant adopted Chapter 167 Stream Buffer Protection and Management in an effort to protect the various streams that flow through its city limits. This project will include the mapping of the streams that flow through Bondurant, applying the appropriate buffer zone to each zone, and/or applying the appropriate maintenance zone to each stream. 
  2. Tree Canopy - The general goal of this project was to come up with the best ways to create a map displaying every tree in the city of Bondurant. A machine learning algorithm assisted in identification. The final product includes the general canopy cover of trees, but not individual information about each tree identified.
  3. Rental Properties - This map is a visualization of the rental unit data within the city of Bondurant. Each rental property parcel includes key property data from the assessor.
  4. Property Valuation - This 3-D Valuation Map aims to visualize the value of each parcel in the City of Bondurant. The height of each parcel is relative to each parcel’s value per square foot. This analysis is just for informational purposes to understand spatial distribution of property value normalized by a common unit (i.e. square feet). 
  5. Sidewalk Inventory - The sidewalk web map is an editable database for Bondurant to monitor sidewalk conditions within the city. This project builds upon Bondurant’s current sidewalk map. This final web map allows real-time updates by Bondurant officials. They can add new sidewalks and update their condition, width, and type within the attribute table.
A narrow stream surrounded by grassy green banks and some trees in the distance.
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