Boone County Shelter Design at Forney's Point

As part of the Senior Design Capstone Course, Civil & Environmental Engineering students provided designs for an innovative open shelter in a unique overlook area in Boone County, as well as the design of an access road and parking facility, and related cost estimates.

The shelter, designed by Civil & Environmental Engineering students, will be located at Forney’s Point in the Don Williams Recreation Area when constructed. The proposed design will add a unique and exclusive area intended for social gatherings to an otherwise underutilized area in the park. In addition to the overlook pavilion, a new roadway and parking lot was designed in order to increase accessibility and functionality to the site. The purpose of these two design components is to increase the accessibility of Forney’s Point as well as increase the project’s functionality. Forney’s Point will also feature a bathroom that will be exclusive to this area. The four main design components are the overlook pavilion, upgraded roadway, new parking area, and bathroom.