Clinton - Development of City Property (infill development)

Civil and Environmental Engineering students studied options for building on several city-owned vacant lots in Clinton with an emphasis on low- and medium-income single-family homes. For their senior capstone project, the team researched the costs of various housing materials, styles of housing, as well as financing options. They provided plans for two sites, each with design and amenities options for potential residents. 

The project focused on two neighborhoods: Longfellow Heights on the southside of Clinton for standalone homes and Hawthorne Park on the northside of Clinton for an emerging pocket neighborhood. Relying on input from another UI team that studied affordable housing, city officials, and industry literature, the team decided that small, affordable single-family houses that emphasize community-enhancing features were the best choice. Their plans include a single story 840-square foot unit at the lowest price end and a two-story 1300-square foot house at the upper range. Their project includes building models, design drawings, architectural sheets, site layouts, cost estimates, and phasing plans.


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