North Liberty Ranshaw Way Underpass

Three students in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering created plans for an underpass for the City of Norther Liberty. The underpass is part of the final phase of a reconstruction of Ranshaw Way. The project included site selection, structural design of the site (including the tunnel, retaining walls, and the trail system), a basic plan for the aesthetics of the structures, a work plan, a cost estimate, and the identification of a traffic detour route.

The City of North Liberty requested plans for a tunnel in order to support the newly renovated 4-lane road with a center median. A tunnel is needed to create a safe connection from the developed east side of the roadway to the future commercial and residential area on the west side. Major priorities of the project include incorporation of a stormwater drainage plan, landscaping and aesthetics, and attention to a recognizable theme for the tunnel. Locating the best location for the tunnel was challenging because there is a detention pond on one side of the trail and a building on the other.