Preston Non-Motorized Connectivity

As part of the Senior Design Capstone Course, Civil & Environmental Engineering students designed sidewalk and trail improvements to increase non-motorized connectivity in Preston, Iowa. 

The community of Preston sought assistance from the Iowa Initiative for Sustainable Communities and the University of Iowa College of Engineering to design a better connected non-motorized transportation system for the City of Preston, IA. The community feels it needs to develop a safer and easier method of connectivity throughout the city for the use of all ages.

In collaboration with Preston community representatives, Civil & Environmental Engineering students identified five areas of focus: a side path along Highway 64, safe crossings of Highway 64 on Main Street and Mitchell Street, pedestrian facilities along School Street, a new sidewalk in the southwest subdivision, and a trail extension from Copper Creek trailhead south to the local park on West Street. For each focus area, a cost estimate is provided which includes all material purchase, labor, equipment, overhead, profit, contingency, engineering, and administration costs.

The project included a creative element for one segment of the connected system. Working with a local art teacher and students at Easton Valley Junior/High School, the team designed a plan for a street mural in the right-of-way on School Street that would provide a safer path for students to get to school.  Currently, no sidewalks exist on this heavily trafficked street and students often walk in the roadway.  The street mural would provide dedicated pedestrian space and engage the community in a unique public art project. 

The image below shows designs created by Easton Valley students stitched together for the 150' street mural.  

Preston Street Mural Design