Schaller Rails to Trails Engineering

As part of their Senior Design Capstone course, Civil & Environmental Engineering students created design alternatives for a trail system in Schaller, Iowa. The trail site is located along an abandoned rail line within the city, and connects to the county trail system. 

The students were tasked with designing a bicycle/pedestrian trail system from Schaller, Iowa to Galva, Iowa, which includes a functional trail facility with a parking area located at the community center in Schaller. The main goal is to run the trail from the community center to the end of the decommissioned railroad tracks, considered the first phase of the project. The secondary goal, or second phase, is to connect the trail at the end of the railroad tracks to the neighboring town, Galva.

This project’s purpose is to connect two communities, provide a form of exercise, and allow safe travel without having to use busy and high speed roadways. Sac County Hometown Pride committee oversaw and assisted with the design recommendations for this project. This committee oversees that the community is an entertaining environment but also safe, by coming up with new ideas for the county, such as projects or events, that will add to both the monetary and social value of the area.