Scotch Grove EcoVillage Design

As part of their Senior Design Capstone course, Civil & Environmental Engineering students created site plans and designs for a small sustainability-focused "EcoVillage" in the unincorporated community of Scotch Grove, located in Jones County. 

Member of the Scotch Grove Steering Committee have been actively imagining ways to create a unique community environment build around sustainable living and active lifestyles. Scotch Grove is a very small unincorporated community surrounded by natural amenities and abutting Camp Courageous property. This is one of two IISC projects involving design of their ideas around housing and recreation.

This group of engineering students focused on developing a residential site, including modest homes, septic systems, water wells, and more. A significant component of the project involved navigating the regulatory hurdles for density and utility requirements. Working closely with Scotch Grove representatives, the team developed a concept that combines thoughtful planning, sustainable design, and strategic financial analysis to create a vibrant and economically viable village. With careful consideration of environmental impact, infrastructure design, and housing strategies, the project aims to meet both county regulations and community needs while fostering a sustainable and inclusive living environment, thus creating an Ecovillage. The students "hope to have helped create a visionary design that reflects the aspirations and values of Scotch Grove's residents and steering committee while fostering growth for generations to come."

Scotch Grove aerial view
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