Webster City Amphitheater Engineering & Design

As part of the Senior Design Capstone Course, Civil & Environmental Engineering students provided design alternatives for an outdoor amphitheater in Webster City.

A local benefactor in the Webster City community would like to see and financially support the creation of an outdoor amphitheater at the bottom of Hospital Hill at Brewer Creek Park. Set in the natural valley alongside Brewer Creek and the Brewer Creek Trail, this location would be a perfect spot for outdoor concerts and gatherings.

Civil & Environmental Engineering students assisted with the design and cost estimation of the amphitheater construction. The overall objective of the project was to design an outdoor amphitheater with the primary function of serving musical venues such as musicians and orchestras. Additionally, it needed to be versatile enough to accommodate things such as movie showings and other miscellaneous events the community may be interested in. Cost was one of the largest constraints of the project, so an expandable design was considered for the city.