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Sabula logo design
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Marketing teams in the Tippie College of Business Marketing Institute developed multiple options for new branding, including logos and taglines, for the City of Sabula.

Sabula’s name came from the Latin term for sandy soil, sabulum. It is the only town in Iowa located on an island. The town was established in 1837. Sabula had been called Carrolport and then Charleston before it finally became Sabula in 1846. Sabula has become a haven for tourists looking for a unique getaway. This sweet small island town is a great place for fishing, hunting, boating, camping, or just for a nice change of scenery.

City of Sabula officials requested assistance in updating their town's branding to provide a modern appeal and convey the community's uniqueness.  Four teams from the Marketing Institute "competed" to develop new branding for Sabula, with each team creating branding and Preston.

The "winning" logo and tagline shown below reflect the tourism appeal and unique status as Iowa's only island city, represented by the iconic bridge that connects to the mainland, the Mississippi river, and the colorful sunsets.   All brand proposals can be seen in the final presentations.  

Sabula logo design